Solutions For Agencies

Reach local customers

Want a solution for your retail clients?

Clients with multiple points-of-sale have specific demands. They want to advertise for each store regionally, with tailored advertisements, areas and even budgets. Adcombi developed an intelligent technology that enables just that. Magic for your clients and profitable for you.

Create hundreds of local programmatic display campaigns in one go.

Offer your clients the top-of-the-bill

In our easy-to-use interface you create customized campaigns for each branch, setup with tailored banners, serving areas and budgets. The banners are served on the premium publishers of your choice, through top DSP’s Platform161 or Adform. Depending on the consumers location, the campaign of the nearest store is activated.

Our solution guarantees the right banner, in the right region, with the right budget.

Save time!

The best is: you no longer have to book all local campaigns separately. Imagine how much time this saves you on operational management! Finally you can offer a profitable solution for programmatic advertising that works for you and your clients. Because we promise: the hours you’ll save easily make up for it!

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Work with the DSP of your choice

Our technology is integrated with the top DSP’s from Adform and Platform161. This means you can continue working with the DSP of your choice. Offering you complete transparency without surprises!

Why does our solution make you smile?

High-end profitable solution

Unlimited number of locations

Relevant local advertising that works

Offer you clients the best, outrun competition

Works with DSP’s Adform and Platform161 

Save lots of time and money

Why local advertising?

Our whitepaper explains all!