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Reach local customers

Get close to your customers

Did you know that 50% of offline purchases are triggered online? For multi location brands, local advertising is a must. We developed a cutting-edge technology that enables brands to reach local audiences online, with locally tailored ads. This way your ads are tailored to local demands, and show better performance.

A powerful way to improve branding and web-to-store traffic.

1001 banners tailored to local demand

Adcombi offers the best programmatic solution for brands with multiple points-of-sale. Our technology allows you to create customized campaigns for each store, set up with specific banners, regions and budgets. Thanks to our smart interface, it’s easily done in just a few clicks.

Customized local campaigns, no matter the number of stores.

How does it work?

Your banners are served on the premium websites of your choice, providing you access to large local audiences. Depending on the consumer’s location, the campaign of the store in that same area is activated. This guarantees the right banner, at the right place with the right budget. Great for your customers, your store managers and most importantly: you.

Reach large local audiences at the right place and time.

Why does our solution make you smile?

Reach large local audiences

Hundreds of tailored campaigns

Better performing banners

Improve branding and store traffic

Allocation of budgets to stores

Happy local store managers

Why local advertising?

Our whitepaper explains all!