We are local advertising The leading solution... ...for multi location brands. Discover the benefits!

The digital local advertising solution

Looking for a way to reach local audiences online?

Adcombi is the leading solution for local advertising at scale. Our solution enables you to create hundreds of locally tailored campaigns in one go. It’s ideal for brands with multiple branches that want to boost branding and traffic to stores.

It’s magic!

Okay, it’s actually smart technology.

Our state-of-the-art solution creates customized programmatic display campaigns for each store – set with tailored banners, budgets and regions. And the best part is, it’s all set up in one go!

Your ads are now always highly relevant for local audiences and therefore better performing.

Our solution is fully integrated with top DSP’s Platform161 and Adform. Access to premium websites guaranteed!

How it works

Check out our local advertising video.

Havas Media

“The Black Friday campaign for Citroën was a great success: 5x more registrations for Private Lease contracts than normal, partly due to  the  personalization on location with 500 different  banners, a large number that can be managed well thanks to Adcombi.”

Rik Boin
Programmatic Consultant


“Personalization is key in the success of our digital campaigns. Adcombi offers us the possibility to personalize and optimize based on geolocation. Providing a digital presence that enhances the outreach of our local branches.”

Coen Wiers
Marketing expert & product owner